I despise the times in life where everything becomes so quiet you finally stop to realize all the pain you’ve been holding deep inside you. The business of your day is no longer there for you to use as a blindfold to what you are really feeling. No facebook, no Gilmore girls, no roommate, no teacher, no exercise, no food is going to stop you from thinking about him. The one you want to love. The one you want to hate. The one you wish would call you to say hello. The one you want to scream at because he’s not what you want him to be. The one who screams at you because you expect him to fall madly for you with just one look. But then there is you. Why aren’t you thinking about yourself? Do you want to be treated this way? Do you like throwing yourself at people just to get them to pay attention to you? Stop this.  You deserve better. You deserve the one. You know the one. The one who treats you like a secret gem. The one the that brags about you to all his friends for all the right reasons. The one that lights up when he sees you and most importantly you light up when you see him. This guy is not here. This is not him. He is not deserving of your time. But he is here. And that’s all you see. Your phone vibrates, it’s him.


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