It’s annoying how the past doesn’t just disappear like i want it to. Old memories that i’ve tried to push to the back of my mind are brought up over and over again against my will. There are some things that are better left unsaid, but no one i know follows that. I just wish i could erase a few things from the past, just rip that page of the book out and throw it away, maybe burn it just for kicks. However, i know these things aren’t just going to disappear. I try to be strong and pretend these things don’t bother me because really they shouldn’t. I’m not sure if i accomplish that or if i’m just as transparent as i believe. Don’t get me wrong, my life is perfect right now. And maybe that’s why i have the ability to nitpick at these menial things. I’ll just keep pretending, everyday. It seems to have worked thus far, maybe someday these memories will move on and then i can stop pretending. stop thinking about them.


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