A weekend full of regret

commitment has never been a strong point of mine. let’s just say i didn’t keep my promises this weekend. I disregarded the values of my self and my boyfriend. I don’t think i honestly knew how bad i messed up until i had to tell my boyfriend of the past night’s event. to hear the pain in his voice was on the hardest things to go through. what killed me the most was hearing him try to be strong and be okay with what i had to tell him. the fact that he forgave me makes me the luckiest girl alive. i don’t know i’d handle the situation if it was reversed. he took it so much better than i probably would have. this whole situation has made me value what i have so much. i know i have a lot of commitment issues but i am going to work hard from now on to make sure this situation never happens again. i don’t care if i have to stop drinking all together, he is it worth it to me.


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