Winter quarter begins.. and I can’t stop thinking of Spring

I cannot believe I use to complain about the cold weather at home where I had a car to take me everywhere. I’ve never been as cold as I am walking 15 minutes to class across campus in 10 degree weather. I can only dream of riding in a heated vehicle 😦 Every morning this quarter I work bright and early all the way across campus. Granted, I usually take a bus, but the wait for the bus is equally as long as walking to work. The freezing weather is not a happy way to start my day, but I suppose the snow is quite pretty. Walking home from my night class the other night as the snow fell around me and the gas lights shining around me felt like a scene perfect enough for a movie.

On a happier note, my boyfriend is coming in two days! I can’t wait to see him. My day is simply happier with him by my side. When i come home from class friday he should be waiting for me in my room. Nothing seems better than to have him there for me all the time. Going to different schools didn’t seem so bad at first but the distance is really starting to get to me. It’s not impossible to go without seeing him but I’m just not the same when I’m missing him everyday. However, he’s taking the greyhound to see me this weekend and I cannot wait! We have plans all weekend already and plenty of time to do nothing at all together. I’m just so excited to spend time with him this weekend since I may not see him for weeks again.

Oh well, off to bed so that I can wake up early and go out into the blustery weather!


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