Hello, Internet!

Out of pure boredom, I decided to start a blog today. With my major being journalism, I thought it was about time to start getting my words out there. Hopefully this blog will differ from my grade school diary… in that I don’t stop writing in it after about a week, or when I got grounded and wrote out my nine year old frustrations (not being allowed to go to the movies–devastating).  However, I’m sitting by the window in my room and it is surprisingly less gray today than normal Ohio weather. I think I may even see some blue in the sky! How rare.. In just a few days I get to excitedly return to my new home on Ohio State Campus. If I thought Cincinnati was boring before, I was unaware of how boring it would be when my life now revolves around Columbus and returning to Cincinnati lacks even more entertainment than it did before. The one excitement I have to look forward to today is my dinner arrangement at Bennihanas with my boyfriend and his family. As dreadful as this may seem for some relationships, I am blessed to have a somewhat decent family to cope with… this time. I’ve had my fair share of evil, cruella-devil type mothers and hopefully that is over with for good. What gives some women the idea that they should control every facet of their sons life is beyond me. If the child is eighteen he should have some decision making skills, right? Apparently this is not the case in every situation. I have come to terms with this and plan on staying far, far away from these Cruellas for the rest of my life.